2. January 24 – Research Questions

I’m interested in how the Civil War affected the process of shipping letters to and from Frederick Douglas. To research this question I will need to find more primary sources on the movement of mail throughout the US during this time period, as well as Douglas’ movements. Did he change addresses? How did the war affect postage in general? Were there a separate post systems in the confederacy or even in the union? Once I narrow a specific year for Douglas’ whereabouts, I can then focus on the movement of mail to and from that location. I will have to use this specific each time he moves and should note that in my research question. I have enough data about the dates the letters, and who they were sent from, however it will be difficult to analyze their movement without a form of digital map showing me where they came from. I will have to expand my research into identifying maps of that time period and use them to help further my question.

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