13. April 18 – Data Visualization Critique

At the beginning of the semester, I used to rely solely on data visualizations and textual analysis to receive information and study research. However, through the DH curriculum, it has become more apparent that data integrity is best protected by limiting our reliance on digital tools. Just as qualitative data can be misinterpreted or construed, quantitative is just as easily fickle when attempting to best translate its substance to a more comprehensible form. Charts and Graphs in particular play effectively with our preconceived notions of importance and relativity to better our understanding, but can also be used to manipulate or confuse how we should think about these data sets. Color, weight, size, movement, and shape can all be tools used to display data in a certain fashion that may or may not reflect the comparative nature being presented within the data itself. Also, pie graphs are bad.

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